JRK Management – Putting Our Bay Area Families First!

Welcome to JRK Management, a full-service family management company that prides itself at putting its families FIRST! Our unique company specializes in everything pertaining to your individual family needs.

JRK Management’s goal is to give you what you crave most – TIME. Let us handle the hassles so you can focus on what you want to do instead of what you have to do.

What exactly do we do? Here’s a short list;


  • Summer camp research and enrollmentimages-5
  • High school and college school registration and Application
  • Vacation planning, packing and shuttles
  • Home organization
  • Staff management (housekeeping, gardener, ect)
  • Construction
  • Administrative assistance
  • Personal valet
  • Eventsimages-3
  • Grocery shopping
  • Family and personal
  • Errands
  • Child care
  • IT- tech
  • Tutoring

…….You name it, its in our cache. Allow us into your home so we can help make a difference. Our team is widely diverse with an expansive skill set of expertise. Drop us a call! Allow us to take on your tasks. It would be our pleasure!